Exclude depreciation expense from your cashflow and automate a corresponding balance sheet budget.

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Use the Depreciation menu as a simple method to exclude depreciation and amortisation expense budgets from your Cashflow Forecast while keeping your 3-Way Forecast balances with a corresponding balance sheet budget. The Depreciation menu is part of the overall Cashflow Settings. You should review all the cashflow settings to take the heavy lifting out of preparing a Cashflow & 3-Way Forecast.

  1. Browse Budgets & Cashflow -> Cashflow Settings -> Depreciation.

    Note: πŸ’¬ You can also nominate amortisation accounts in these categories.

  2. Which accounts do you use for Accumulated Depreciation?
    Calxa will calculate your accumulated depreciation budget based on the depreciation expense budget you enter.

    Note: πŸ’¬ If multiple accounts are nominated only a single balancing budget will be added to the first nominated account. To depreciate each asset separately you will need to budget manually.

  3. Which accounts do you use for Depreciation Expenses?
    Depreciation is a non-cash expense so Calxa will exclude these expenses from your Cashflow Forecast and then create the balancing entry on the accumulated depreciation accounts nominated above.

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