Report Description

This report has been formatted to support importing budgets to ApprovalMax or Xero. Simply run the report on a single Business Unit and export to CSV. This can then be directly imported to ApprovalMax or Xero without any manual changes.

Note: The purpose of all the articles in this group is to share custom report templates that other users from the Calxa community have created.

If you have a customisation you would like to share please email and we'll consider sharing it here.

Use this Custom Template

  1. Download this custom report template.

  2. Then Import the Custom Template to your workspace.

Special Requirements

To use this report as an import template on ApprovalMax or Xero ensure your report is configured as follows.

  1. Report must be run at the Organisation level or for a Single Business Unit.

  2. Watch out for the "Using Actuals Up to" option being turned on as this will replace the budgets with Actuals and may not be what you want to import.

  3. For best results when the report is ready export to CSV.

  4. Then you can import budgets to ApprovalMax or Xero using this CSV file.

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