Export and Import Custom Template

Move custom reports from one workspace to another

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Exporting and Importing custom templates allows you to copy custom reports between your workspaces or you may simply wish to use the export option to save a local copy of your customisation as a backup.

This help article assumes you've already Created a Custom Template.

Export Custom Template

  1. First display your custom template in the Report Builder.

  2. Select Export template from the ellipsis (3 dots) menu.

  3. The exported template will be sent to your browser downloads.

    Custom Template Preview

Import Custom Template

  1. Open the Template Select screen of the Report Builder.

  2. In the left criteria, click the + symbol to the right of Custom Templates.

  3. Click the folder button to browse and select your import file.

    Browse for file
  4. Navigate and find the custom template file you would like to import.
    Note: this must be a custom template file exported from Calxa.

  5. Click Import Template

  6. The template select screen will show all your custom templates, including the one you just imported.

    Custom template selection
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