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Edit Workflow Actions and Properties
Edit Workflow Actions and Properties
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Workflows allow you to save time by automating tasks such as syncing the organisation data from your accounting system and generating and delivering report bundles. In this article we cover how to edit the actions and properties in an existing workflow.

The video below shows you how to edit and delete a workflow. Written instructions are also included.

Edit a Workflow

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Workflows then select the workflow you wish to edit

  2. On the workflow screen the actions are listed in the order they will be performed when the workflow is triggered. Each action title describes what action will be performed.

    To reorder the actions in a workflow, click on the up-down arrows symbol, then drag and drop the action where you want it.

  3. To remove an action from a workflow, click on the ellipsis at the right of the action and select Delete Action.

    There are also options to Edit and Copy an action available via the ellipsis.

    Click + to add another action, eg Sync another organisation, or send an additional bundle.

Interrupt / Stop Workflow

To prevent a Workflow from running temporarily, click the green toggle so it changes to grey. That way you do not need to change any other settings, this will just prevent it from running automatically.

To restart the automation, just click the toggle again so it is green and it will run on the next scheduled event. If you wish to run the Workflow prior to the next scheduled event, you can just click RUN NOW to commence the Workflow immediately.

Delete, Copy and Rename a Workflow

  1. To delete a workflow click on the ellipsis on the right side of the workflow name, then select Delete workflow.

    A box will pop up asking you to confirm you really want to delete the workflow. To confirm and delete the workspace type DELETE in the box shown below, then the click Delete Workflow button. You can also make it inactive by toggling the green button to grey.

  2. To copy a workflow click on the ellipsis on the right side of the workflow name and select Copy workflow. A copy will be made with the same name as the existing workflow with (Copy 1) at the end of the name.

  3. To rename a workflow, click on the ellipsis on the right side of the workflow name and select Rename workflow.
    Click into the name field and type the new name, then click on the check mark symbol to save it.

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