Change Log 27-02-2018
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Edit and Create Saved Business Units and Copy Bundle Reports or Entire Bundles

With the latest additions there are now no hurdles to doing all your Calxa reporting in your web browser. All the desktop Reporting and Bundle features have been ported to a browser equivalent.

New: Edit or Create Business Units selections

A long-term favourite feature of the desktop app, it is also now available online. Business units are the different Cost Centres, Departments, Projects or Programs of your business. The saved selections in Calxa not only allow you to select, report and consolidate different groups of Business Units but they allow you to save time by storing all the related settings, including consolidation settings to a single drop-down option in the report criteria. Check out the help article Report on Business Units for more details

New: Copy Report Bundles and Bundle Items

There are all sorts of reasons why you might be creating similar reporting content over and over. Whether you’re setting up reports for a new client or creating new cost centre reports, copying the structure from an existing bundle or copying individual items from similar bundles can be a great time saver. Find out how to save time with the Edit a Bundle help article.

New: Create Bundle as Part of Add to Bundle Flow

Previously when adding a Report to a Bundle you could only add to an existing Bundle. To add to a new bundle, you would have to create an empty one first, but now we’ve provided an option to create a new bundle and add directly to it, all in the same flow.

Improved: Export from Bundle to Excel Single Worksheet

In the desktop app if you export a report from a bundle it creates a separate worksheet for each page in the report. Now in the online app when you run a single report that is saved in a bundle and then export to Excel it will export to a single worksheet. Exporting an entire Bundle will still split each page to a separate worksheet as each page could contain different column arrangements which wouldn’t be supported in a excel worksheet.

Improved: Drag and Drop Re-Ordering of Bundle Items

This was always our initial design idea but we started with a simple Move Up and Move Down option to begin with. That was a good starting point but drag and drop is a far more flexible approach to ordering your reports.

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