Change Log 05-09-2018
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While we continue working on some bigger features we've provided a few handy usability improvements to make your day to day work that bit easier.

Improved: Global Navigation

If you work with more than one Calxa workspace or have multiple organisations you'll love this improvement. As you navigate around the application switching organisations or workspaces we're now keeping track of this for you. Meaning you can move from editing budgets to running reports and we'll make sure you're still working on the same organisation. Also you can sign out and next time you sign back in we'll direct you to the same workspace and organisation so you can pick up where you left off.

Improved: Budgets & Actuals Business Unit Navigation

The Budgets & Actuals screen now has quick menu access to switch between business units. Previously you had to expand the sidebar navigation to access the full list of business units in order to make a switch when editing. While that option is still available we've now provided quick navigation to a short list of the nearest business units close to the one in you're currently viewing. Hover tool-tips showing the number and name can also help you identify the business unit your selecting. For help review the Edit Budgets help article.

Improved: Organisation Sync Settings

In our desktop application, for each accounting system integration we provide options that can speed up the import and synchronisation process by excluding certain data. These same options have now been provided in the browser app. They can be found under the General Settings menu. Check the General settings help article for more details.

Fix: User Permissions on Small Resolution

On some monitors with a small resolution the Save button was not visible when setting user permissions. Now when the screen resolution doesn't allow all options to be visible a scroll bar will be provided so all options can be accessed including the save button.

Fix: User Count on Subscriptions

In some cases the user count was being miscounted and causing subscriptions to be incorrectly reported as over capacity. This has been resolved.

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