Change Log 2019-09-19
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Export and Import custom reports plus new KPI report and Budget Builder display options.

New: Export and Import Custom Reports

This new feature allows you to export your custom templates and then import them to any workspace. This means you can now share custom templates across workspaces or you can even use this option to create backups of your templates as you work. See Export & Import Custom Templates for more details.

New: Business Unit KPI Comparison Report

This new report shows KPIs as columns with business units as rows , allowing you to compare KPI results across multiple business units or entities on a single page. Check out the new template named Business Unit KPI Comparison (6 Columns) with 12 and 24 column variants available.

New: Budget Builder Display Options

The Budget Builder now has options to Show or Hide Account Numbers, show or hide empty budget rows and display the budget values in thousands or millions. See the Edit Budgets help article for more details.

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