Change Log 2020-06-10
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Fully automated foreign currency translations in Multi-Org Consolidations.

New: Multi-Currency Consolidation

Calxa now supports Multi-Currency consolidation with monthly average exchange rates for P&L reports and closing exchange rates for Balance Sheet reports. Rates are automatically updated daily, providing fully automated foreign exchange translations. Check the Consolidate Multiple Organisations help article for more details.

Improved: Decimal Values as Metrics

Previously, we always accepted 2 decimal places in Metrics data entry, however we recently improved to now accept up to 10 decimal places. The value shown will be rounded but when you select the cell you will see the underlying decimals entered.

Fix: Xero Retained Earnings Discrepancy

When using the sync option to sync the Current or Current & Previous year only the Retained Earnings balance was incorrectly reported. This issue has been fixed.

Fix: Quarters Based on Financial Year

When reporting on quarters in some reports, Calxa didn't correctly adjust the quarterly range based on the financial year end. Quarters are now based on the Organisation's financial year.

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