Change Log 2021-05-26
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Budget layout in full window with shortcuts for print and export plus Metric export.

New: Full Window Layout for Budgets & Actuals

We've added a new maximise option which takes the main editing part of your Budgets & Actuals area, removes unnecessary menus and consumes the full width and height available from your monitor. In this mode you can also pin and collapse the left hand Business Unit or Account navigation allowing you to easily switch between different combinations in this maximised mode. Use the minimise option to return to the normal view. See Budget Views & Layouts for more details.

New: Print and Export Shortcuts

New Print and Export icons have been added to the Budgets & Actuals menu. Clicking these icons open the Reports or Export menu in a new window with settings configured according to the current Budgets & Actuals view. This provides a shortcut to print or export your budgets after editing in this view. See How to Print your Budget or Export Budgets for further help with printing and exporting budgets.

New: Metrics Export

Extending on our previous update where we added Metrics Import we've now provided an option to Export Metrics. This will allow you export your current Metrics as a template for importing. Check out Metrics Export for additional help.

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