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Organisations Menu

An overview of the Admin portals Organisations menu.

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The Organisations menu provides an overview of all your organisations across all workspaces in your subscription.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Manage Organisations

  2. Click on the ellipsis to the right of an organisation name, then select from the drop-down:

    1. Rename organisation - Overtype the Organisation name and Abbreviation as required

    2. Reconnect to an accounting system file.

      Follow the prompts provided in each accounting system's pop-up windows to enter your credentials. A Calxa window will pop up when the process has completed saying your file has been reinitialised. See this group of help notes for detailed instructions on reconnecting to each of the online accounting systems Calxa supports.

    3. Disconnect - To remove the connection between Calxa and your accounting system

    4. Copy Organisation - make a copy of an existing organisation see more details

      Warning ⚠️Adding an organisation will automatically increase the subscription capacity and may incur additional charges. See Calxa Pricing for details.

    5. Daily Sync Settings - choose settings for automatically syncing with your accounting file see more details

    6. Delete Organisation - To fully remove an organisation and all information from Calxa:

      Warning⚠️ this is not recoverable and you are required to confirm the instruction to Delete.

      Note 💬 removing an organisation may mean you can reduce the subscription capacity and cost. Where possible the subscription capacity will be adjusted automatically and a pro rata credit applied to your account for the current billing cycle. See Calxa Pricing for details.

  3. You can mark an organisation as Inactive by moving the Green Toggle next to the organisation name, to the left. This will then grey the Toggle and remove the organisation from all of the Organisation Selection lists. An Inactive organisation will consume an organisation from your subscription capacity.

  4. Click on Sync Now to the right of an organisation name to sync the latest data from your accounting system. Most often you will instead sync an org by going to the Settings -> Organisation Settings -> Organisation Sync screen, or by setting up an automated workflow to sync on a schedule of your choice.

    The General Settings screen also allows you to edit your organisation sync settings and the business unit terminology used in Calxa. See the following help notes for accounting system specific details on this: MYOB AccountRight, Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB Essentials.

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