Report Description

  • Compares the current period actuals to to your Approved budget.

  • Compares the financial year YTD periods actuals to your Approved budget.

  • Compares the Full Financial Years Approved budget to the Current Forecast budget.

If you like this but need actuals compared to your Current Forecast budget see - Actual vs Current Budget (2 Annual with Variance)

Actual vs Approved Budget (2 Annual with Variance)

Note: The purpose of all the articles in this group is to share custom report templates that other users from the Calxa community have created.

If you have a customisation you would like to share please email and we'll consider sharing it here.

Use this Custom Template

  1. Download this custom report template.

  2. Then Import the Custom Template to your workspace.

Special Requirements

Budget Versions

Requires 2 budgets. See Manage Budget Versions.

  • Approved - an approved or original budget.

  • Forecast - a current or up to date budget that differs to the original budget.

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