Wages & PAYG (PAYE)

Configure your wages expense and a percentage to withhold for later payment.

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Use the Wages and PAYG menu to define your wages expense accounts and an average percentage to withhold as PAYG (PAYE) withholding tax and pay at a later time. Wages & PAYG settings are part of the overall Cashflow Settings. You should review all the cashflow settings to take the heavy lifting out of preparing a Cashflow & 3-Way Forecast.

  1. Browse to Budgets & Cashflow -> Cashflow Settings -> Wages & PAYG (PAYE).

  2. Which accounts do you use to record wage expenses?

    Nominate all expense accounts that relate to employee wages. For these expense accounts Calxa will forecast a net amount paid as wages and a portion will be withheld as wages tax for payment later through the tax withheld liability account nominated later. Do not nominate contractor wages as you don't likely withhold wages tax on their behalf.

  3. Estimate wage tax withheld

    Calxa sets the wages tax amount to 25% by default. For best results take an annual average of your wages tax and set the value accordingly.

    Note: 💬 If multiple wage expense accounts are used and you would prefer to set separate tax rates for each account you may exclude them from the nominated accounts and manually set the Cashflow Type in the Cashflow Forecast (advanced view) screen. Please refer to the Edit Cashflow Type section of Cashflow (Advanced Settings) for details on how to do this.

  4. Which account do you use to record the tax withheld?

    Select the liability account where you normally accrue the wages tax withheld. Calxa will use this to determine the current liability owing and accrue the budgeted wages tax withheld to forecast future payments.

  5. In which months do you pay it?

    Select the periods that you pay your wages tax withheld liability.

    Tip: 💡If you pay wages tax at the same time as wages then simply set the estimated wages tax withheld rate above to 0%. This will result in the full wages amount being forecasted in the period it is budgeted and no amount being withheld to pay at a later date.

    Note: 💬If the periods you require are not shown you can create a custom schedule.

How is Employee Tax (PAYG/PAYE) calculated and paid?

For a more detailed explanation on how PAYG calculations work please refer to the frequently asked question on this topic How is Employee Tax (PAYG/PAYE) calculated and paid?

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