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Folders let you group and organise your published reports. Published Reports are Reports or Bundles you've previously saved with all the data at a point in time.

When you publish a report, you publish it to a folder. This help article shows you how to manage these folders. For details on publishing reports or searching and downloading see the following help articles - Publish your Reports and View Published Reports.


Published Reports

  1. Navigate to Reports -> Published from the top menus.

    Published reports menu

Create a Folder

  1. From the left navigation select Create a new folder

    Create new folder
  2. Populate the Name and Reference (reference optional) fields then click Create Folder.

    Folder Name & Reference

Edit Folder Name or Reference

  1. Select the folder from the left navigation.

    Select Folder
  2. Click on the ellipsis at the far right and select Edit folder details from the drop-down.

    Folder Details
  3. Update the Name or Reference and click Save.

    Folder Properties

Delete Folder

  1. Click on the ellipsis at the far right and select Delete folder.

    Delete folder

  2. If the folder is empty you simply click Remove Folder.

    Delete confirmation soft
  3. If the folder contains Published Reports you will need to type DELETE in capitals before clicking Remove Folder.

    Note: this will delete all the Published Reports in this folder.

    Delete confirmation hard
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