Account Trees in Calxa give you a flexible structure for mapping your chart of accounts from your accounting system to suit many different reporting requirements. You can regroup, rearrange and summarise your accounts, plus restructure the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet layouts.

In this help article we look specifically at Categories & Running Totals but we have the following related articles about Account Trees.

Navigate to Reports -> Report Tools -> Account Trees

Categories & Running Totals

Categories and Running Totals are the top level structure of your Account Tree.

Most of the time you will be adding Headers, not Categories.

The Categories in the example below are Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold and Variable Costs. Each Category may then optionally have a Running Total where the running total is calculated as the sum of the all previous category totals. The Running Totals in the example below are Gross Profit and Contribution Margin.

Category and Running Total UI

Add Category

  1. To add a new Category to your tree click the Add Category button.

Add Category Button
  1. Populate the following category options and click Add Category.

    1. Category number: this is the primary means of sorting categories. You can use numbers or letters and the categories will be sorted alphanumerically by this field.

    2. Show in reports: this determines if this category will be shown in reports. By toggling off you can hide this category from reports and these categories will not be included in running total calculations.

    3. Category name: the name of the category which will be shown in reports. This is also the secondary sort field if no numbers or duplicate numbers are provided.

    4. Category type: select a default account type for this category. This first determines if it is part of the Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet layouts and is also used as the account type when filters are applied to reports.

    5. Show running total: a running total can optionally be added to your reports. A running total sums all the previous categories as a summary total. In an original account tree Gross Profit, Operating Profit and Net Profit are the running totals.

      Add Category Menu

Edit Category

  1. To edit an existing category click the settings cog of the category you would like to edit.

  2. Edit the properties and click Apply. See details on the available properties in Add Category above.

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