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Edit Primary Billing Contact Details
Edit Primary Billing Contact Details

Update primary billing contact details and add additional invoice contacts.

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Primary Billing Contact

Each subscription has a primary billing contact. The primary billing contact is the user who can sign in and gain access to the Billing and Subscription management menus. Often this user is also the Subscription Owner who has access to the Admin and organisation management menus but please note the primary billing contact and owner can be different users.

Note: 💬 the actions below can only be performed by the Primary Billing Contact.

  1. Click on this link to sign in and go to the Payment Details screen.

  2. Alternatively, if you are signed into a workspace you can navigate to Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Billing and then choose Payment Details from the left menu.

  3. The primary billing contact details are listed here.

    Payment details menu

Update Billing Contact Details

Warning: ⚠️you cannot update the primary contacts email address with this process. The email address is linked to the primary billing contacts user account.

See the Change email on primary contact heading below for more details.

  1. Click EDIT to open the Edit billing details dialog.

  2. Update the required properties and click SAVE CHANGES.

Note: 💬 after receiving your first invoice you can no longer update the Currency. The currency field will be shown as read only. To change currency on an account that already has invoices please contact our support team.

Change email on primary contact

Tip: 💡use additional billing contacts to send invoices to additional email address.

To change the primary billing contact email address you can either update the email address on your login account or transfer the subscription to another contact. See the following help article for more details.

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