Change Log 2023-09-13

Net Profit Waterfall and Net Worth dashboard tile templates.

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New: Dashboard Tile Templates

We've added a couple of additional tile templates to the Dashboard Builder. This means all visualisations that are available on the standard Calxa dashboards can also be added to your custom dashboards using tile templates.

Net Profit Waterfall

A waterfall chart visualising the cumulative effect of income and expenses over a period of time ending with Net Profit.

Net Worth Chart

A Bar and Line chart that summarises your balance sheet position over time. You Net Worth or Equity position is shown as a line while Assets and Liabilities are represented by bars.

Improved: Report Export to Image

When exporting reports or bundles as an image the default resolution is now 300dpi. This results in a higher quality image export. You can still change the resolution in the report preview export options if you prefer an alternate resolution.

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