Change Log 2023-06-21

Custom dashboard data sources with flexible dates and configuration options.

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New: Select Organisation & Budget on Dashboard

You now have the option to select both the organisation and the budget when building dashboards. Previously, the budget was determined by the organisation or group settings, but with the new budget selector, you have added flexibility to dynamically switch budgets directly in the dashboard builder.

New: Custom Dashboard Data Sources

With this release, we have introduced the highly requested feature of custom data sources. Create data from account movement, closing balances, key performance indicators (KPIs) or cashflow and use familiar features like Account Trees and Business Unit Trees to filter and structure the data. Furthermore, you can now define any desired date range or specify the number of periods to include. Whether it's a month, a quarter, or a custom range spanning multiple years, custom data sources now offer full control over the data provided and reporting timeframe.

New: More Default Data Sources

Previously, many of the default data sources were based on the last 6 months of data. However, based on user feedback and requests, we have now implemented a new series that aligns with the financial year. The following additional default data sources were added.

Movements This Financial Year

Summary account movements for each month this financial year.

Balances This Financial Year

Summary account closing balances each month this financial year.

KPIs This Financial Year

All Calxa default KPI results for each month this financial year.

Cashflow Next 12 Months

Forecasted cash inflows, outflows and bank at end for next 12 months.

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