Change Log 2023-05-31

Report on Metrics directly as a KPI in reports or add to Account Trees as KPIs row.

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New: Use Metrics as KPI in Reports

Metrics allow you to enter non-financial data into Calxa that your chart of accounts does not capture. You may want to use these values in your reports. In the past, you had to make a KPI formula with only the Metric as a variable. Now, you can avoid the KPI formula and format the Metric values in the Metrics configuration menu. You can then use Metrics wherever you could use KPIs before. In summary Metrics are now directly reportable as a KPI and will be available for selection wherever you can select a KPI, including Account Trees.

Beta: Xero Transactions Sync

We've been working on some significant improvements to our sync process with Xero, which is now based on transactions. Why are we making this change:

  • Faster Sync on updates: After the first sync, which gets all the transaction data, you only need to sync the changes that occurred since the last sync. This can take minutes or even seconds, depending on the number of changes.

  • More robust method for syncing tracking category combinations: We have developed a new algorithm that can handle complex tracking category combinations and ensure accurate data transfer between systems.

  • Balance sheet movements synced on tracking categories without additional sync time: No additional requests to Xero are required to build balance sheet movements.

  • More features in the future will rely on transaction data: For example, Aged Payables/Receivables reports on consolidated groups and transaction details are just 2 of many ideas for the future.

This feature is not compatible with multi-currency transactions at the moment. We are looking for beta testers without multi-currency transactions who are willing to test it and share their feedback with us. If you want to participate, please contact us through the chat in the bottom right corner.

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