Change Log 2022-07-28

Send automated reports attached as Excel workbook and other fixes and improvements.

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New: Send Automated Reports as Excel Attachments

You can now choose PDF or Excel when sending reports via a Calxa Workflow. See the Create an Automated Workflow help article for details.

Improved: Budget Factory and Budget Copy Performance

We've changed a bunch of recalculation logic related to budget formulas and refactored database queries to significantly improve the time taken to process the Budget Factory and Copy Budget processes. For most of you, these processes only took a few seconds, even before these changes, but for those with a large number of business units and budget formulas, you will see the biggest impact of these changes. We've also moved both of these processes to a background job, which means you can navigate away and we'll notify you when complete, much like the way a Sync with accounting system currently works.

Note: ๐Ÿ’ฌ We had also planned to release Budget Formula improvements, however these changes were not ready, but you can expect these changes in the the coming week. These changes will positively impact the Budget Factory as well as loading the budgets and actuals menu, along with saving and recalculating live formulas after changes are applied.

Fix: Reset to Actual Exchange Rates

In certain cases in the Exchange Rates menu, the Reset to Actual Rate option was not displayed. This issue has been resolved and this option is now displayed in all cases when there is an override value entered.

Fix: P&L with Projected Total 4 Years

We've fixed an issue where this template was not compatible with using a custom Report Style.

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