Change Log 2022-06-22

New Cashflow Statement using direct method and timezone workspace setting.

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New: Cashflow Statement (Direct Method)

We've added a new Cashflow Statement which is calculated using the direct method. Previously the Indirect method was the only option for our Cashflow Statements but now you have choice depending on your requirements. Check out the Cashflow Statement Settings and Cashflow Statement Report help articles for more details.

New: Time zone Workspace Setting

You can now define a time zone for your workspace. This means reports that are generated from that workspace will now have a time zone adjusted timestamp recorded on them. In addition we'll be able to default to the correct time zone when you configure schedules on your automated workflows. Review the Workspaces in Calxa article for additional help.

Fix: User Password Expiration

Some user accounts were incorrectly assigned a policy that required they reset their password every 90 days. This policy had been incorrectly applied as it is not our intention to require password changes every 90 days. Affected accounts have now had this policy removed and we've ensured all new accounts will also not have a password expiration policy.

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