Workspaces in Calxa

Logically group organisations and users in workspaces then navigate between workspaces to keep data separate.

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What is a Workspace?

A workspace is a container that logically groups organisations and users. The primary purpose of a workspace is to create a clean separate set of data that users can access.

Warning: ⚠️To consolidate multiple organisations they must be created in the same workspace.

Why create multiple workspaces?

Most of you will only ever require one workspace but if you've got multiple users, who should only have visibility of certain organisations then you will find it useful to create multiple workspaces. When inviting users you can very easily grant workspace level permissions while blocking access to other workspaces. See Invite a User and Set User Permissions for more details.

How to Switch Between Workspaces

  1. Click on the ellipsis next to your name at the top right of any screen in the app.

  2. Select the workspace you want to open from the drop-down.

  3. The screen will refresh and open the Dashboard for the workspace you have selected. You'll see name of the workspace displayed under your name at the top right.

Admin Portal (Workspaces)

To view a full list of the workspaces in your subscription you'll need to navigate to the Admin Portal. Only the Subscription Owner or Co-Owners can access this menu.

  1. Navigate to:
    Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Manage Users
    Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Manage Organisations

  2. Select Workspaces on the left hand menu.

Workspace Time Zone

Each workspace has a configurable time zone. When you generate reports the time stamp will be adjusted according to the workspace time zone. To amend the workspace time zone browse to the admin portal as above then click the 3 dots menu to the right of the workspace you want to amend and choose the required time zone.

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