Change Log 2022-05-11

Report month added to workflows and other report and chart improvements.

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New: Report Month added to Workflows

When running a Report Bundle manually you can choose the Report Month directly on the screen. For automated workflows the Report Month previously defaulted to the prior month, however you can now choose Prior or Current Month directly in the workflow. This provides greater clarity as well as flexibility with the ability to use the same bundle in automated workflows to report on both prior and current periods. Review the Create an Automated Workflow help article for more details.

Improved: Multi-Period options for KPI Comparison Line Chart

The KPI Comparison Line Chart now has the option to choose Monthly, Quarterly and Annually as the period and then choose the number of periods. This provides ultimate flexibility with any combination of periods now being available. For example you can now deliver a 6 months or 8 Quarters or 5 Years where previously we only had a 12 month option.

Improved: Using Actuals Criteria to More Reports

We've now finalised this ongoing project to add Using Actuals to all reports and charts. In this release we've added using actuals to the final report template Tax Flow Forecast.

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