Change Log 2022-04-13

New Cashflow Statement comparison report and vastly improved KPI formula builder.

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New: Cashflow Statement Comparison (Indirect)

This new report, similar to other comparison styles reports in Calxa such as P&L, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance allows you to run a consolidated group report with entities displayed as columns on the one page with the rows as per the Cashflow Statement (Indirect) layout.

Improved: KPI Formula Builder

The KPI Builder now has a vastly improved formula editor. This new editor allows you to start typing and provides auto-complete suggestions. In addition the components of the formula are conveniently tagged so you can easily identify the components as Account Groups, Metrics or nested KPIs. Check out the KPI Builder help article for more details.

Improved: KPI, Account Group and Metric Naming

Previously we had numerous restrictions on the naming of these properties. The common frustration here was not being able to use special characters like % or &. As part of all the recent improvements to KPIs we've now been able to drop all these restrictions. So please feel free now to name your KPIs without restriction.

Improved: KPI and Bundle Groups

When you have more than one Bundle or KPI Group configured we'll default them to the collapsed state when you first navigate to these menus. This will make it easier to navigate large numbers of KPIs or Bundles.

Improved: Set Default Currency on Initial Import

When you first add an Organisation to Calxa we now detect the base currency from the accounting data you are importing and set it accordingly.

Fix: Data Indicators on Budgets & Actuals Sidebar Navigation

In some cases the sidebar data navigation was not correctly displaying the green dot to indicate data on particular business units. This issue has been fixed.

Fix: Custom Footer not Resizing for Page Sizes and Layouts

We fixed an issue where in certain cases a custom footer that was defined in Advanced Report Styles was not correctly resizing for different page sizes and layouts.

Fix: Disable Business Unit Import for QuickBooks

In some cases we were still syncing Class, Location and Customer actuals even when this option was disabled. This also caused the incorrect number of steps to be displayed on the progress indicators while syncing a QuickBooks organisation. This issue has now been resolved.

Fix: Importing Company with more than 32,767 Business Units

We cannot support this many Business Units, however we have improved the sync logic so that the organisation can still be imported with the Business Unit sync disabled.

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