Change Log 2021-09-08

Balance Sheet amounts by MYOB Job and new Linked Login Accounts for Xero, Intuit and Microsoft.

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New: Balance Sheet Amounts by MYOB Job

You can now optionally sync balance sheet amounts for MYOB Jobs. We recently added this same functionality for Xero and QuickBooks but now extended this same functionality to MYOB Jobs. Previously only the P&L was synced for Jobs. To turn this extra sync on see Business Unit Configuration.

New: Trial Sign Up from QuickBooks App Store

Intuit QuickBooks users can now sign up for a Calxa trial, directly from the QuickBooks App Store using their QuickBooks credentials and skipping registering separate Calxa credentials.

New: Actuals up to on Balance Sheet Comparison

By adding a "Using actuals up to" property to the Balance Sheet Comparison you can now see the forecasted balance sheet of multiple organisations in a consolidated group side by side.

Improved: Linked Login Accounts

For improved security the Sign in with Xero, Intuit and Microsoft options must first be configured and linked before use. This means you can now link your other logins to Calxa even if they do not share the exact same email address. See Linked Login Accounts for more details.

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