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Change Log 2021-08-26

Report on a Single Business Unit without creating a full selection

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Updated over a week ago

New: Report on a Single Business Unit

Creating a Business Unit Selection for reporting on a single Business Unit is no longer required. See Report on Business Units for details on how you can now select a single Business Unit directly in the report criteria and save this to your Bundle.

Improved: Report Criteria

As part of the reporting on a single Business Unit we've updated the interface for selecting Business Units, Budget versions and Account Trees. Where previously these settings were available in a separate flyout window, the dropdowns for all the properties are now available directly in the reports criteria. Those of you with large lists of organisations and business units will also find the ability to search a handy addition.

Improved: Reconnect Logic

We've improved the reconnection logic to avoid users accidently connecting to the incorrect organisation. Connecting to a different company will mean you loose all the original data. For this reason we've added an extra precaution. If you connect and the company name differs from what you had previously connected to, Calxa will require that you type the new name to confirm and continue.

Fix: Sync Balance Sheet Amounts on Inactive Business Units

When syncing balance sheet amounts on Xero Tracking Categories, we were getting unexpected results from the Xero API. To work around this issue we now ignore inactive tracking categories for the purpose of balance sheet amounts.

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