Change Log 2021-07-22

Daily Auto-Sync, improved KPI formula handling and new Refer a Friend program.

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New: Daily Auto-Sync with Accounting Data

All organisations will now sync with your accounting system on a daily schedule by default. Previously you could set this up manually using a Workflow, however we've now decided to simplify this process and completely automate the process. Every organisation will now have a scheduled sync time each day which is enabled by default.

Note: all existing workflows configured to sync your organisation that do not have additional steps like sending reports, have now been disabled. You can turn these back on if required.

Check out the Daily Auto-Sync help article for more details.

New: Refer a Friend Program

Share the love and recommend Calxa to a friend. As part of the 'Refer a Friend' program, you can invite your friends and colleagues to try Calxa on the usual 30-day free trial and if they sign up, they'll get the first 6 months half price. Browse to the Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Recommend Calxa menu where you can send a personalised message and keep track of your referral progress.

Improved: KPI Formula Handling

You no longer have to handle divide by zero errors in your KPI formulas. Previously all formulas required a conditional 'If' statement to handle the case where the denominator might be zero. Now you simply create the basic formula and Calxa will automatically handle any potential errors like divide by zero by returning an NA result. We've also improved the handling so KPI failures no longer cause the whole report to fail. Instead the individual KPI simply returns NA as the value whenever there is some unhandled calculation error, like an undefined metric for example.

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