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ABN for Service Providers on payment claim
ABN for Service Providers on payment claim
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A new requirement has come into effect from 25/10/2020 for Plan Managers to include the ABN of service providers when submitting a payment claim. No action is required if you do not need to submit this information, as the column is loaded as blank.

If ABN is required to be reported

Complete your claim as per Export an NDIA Bulk Claims File and EXPORT SELECTED

Open the CSV file

  • Reformat the SupportDeliveredFrom and SupportDelieveredTo Date Columns to YYYY-MM-DD Format if that is not your default setting

  • Enter the Service Providers ABN in the final column ABN of Support Provider for each line, if the ABN is not required leave the cell blank

  • Save the file as file type CSV

  • Upload file to the NDIS Portal

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