Change Log 12-01-2018
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Online Report Bundles now match the power of desktop functionality

Now you can start creating new bundles powered by the online app and its modern report designs. Financial Settings, while not as exciting as Bundles is a very necessary part of Calxa setup and the first of these settings screens is also being introduced.

New: Report Bundle Editing

Full editing of Report Bundles including report items and documents means the online app is now ever closer to the full capabilities of the desktop in the Reporting area. Previously online only supported creating a pre-configured kit but now you can create any combination of the online reports. In the coming weeks, the report builder will add Business Unit and Multi-org reporting matching the current desktop features. Online will soon surpass the desktop with new features “Favourites” and “Published” reports still to come. More details can be found in the Edit a Bundlehelp article.

New: Financial Settings

Calxa makes light work of Cashflow Forecasts and KPI reporting. The correct settings are an important part of that, and we’re introducing the first of the Financial Settings screen to the online app. Principally they’re the same settings as Default Accounts in the desktop app but regrouping and ordering to a series of questions in the online app should make them even easier to use. For help check out the help centre category on Cashflow & Financial Settings.

New: Integrated Help Centre

You can now search the help centre or raise a support request directly within the online app. Simply click the Help Me button on the right edge of the screen and click Search Articles to start searching. If you can’t find the help your looking for simply fill out the form and we’ll get back to you. There’s even a handy screenshot button if you need to show us something about your screen. Check out this handy guide for more details.

Improved: More Report Templates

With over 120 desktop templates to replicate it’s a big job to convert them into our new more modern designs, but we’re making progress. You should now see over 60 different templates in the online app.

Improved: Subscription Expired or Over Capacity

In the Billing and Admin portals you will clearly see warning notifications attached to subscriptions that have either expired or gone over their User/Organisation capacity. As a billing contact you’ll have options to edit the subscription or as an owner you’ll be shown who is the billing contact. The Billing area is still under construction with subscription updating coming very soon.

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