Change Log 03-04-2018
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Edit budgets in your browser and a few reporting improvements.

Introducing the all new Budget & Actuals screen where you can now edit budgets across any custom date range. Some report criteria controls have also been improved and we’re introducing new bulk purchase items so you can get a discount on 50 or more organisations.

New: Edit Budget screen

We’ve been working on a new concept for editing budgets which is quite different from the desktop user experience. In this release, we introduce the new budget editor. The whole experience is not yet complete but there are already improvements compared to the desktop. No longer do you need to edit in a financial year view, instead you choose the date range, which may be a calendar year, 6 months or even consecutive years. For a how to guide on this and the other improvements you can review the help article Edit Budgets.

As mentioned the Edit Budget screen is not 100% complete but it does allow you to edit your budgets online and it’s just the beginning with exciting new features to come. There will be many more view options including layouts that have quarters or years as columns or even business units. As part of the longer term plans we’ll also replace the old desktop shortcuts with more advanced formula driven calculations.

New: Company Tax Settings

The New Zealand Inland Revenue recently introduced the Accounting Income Method (AIM) for the calculation of provisional tax. Calxa includes options to calculate these and Australian PAYG Instalment payments in your cashflow forecast and we’ve just added these settings to the online app. For details check out the help article on Company Tax.

New: Introducing Enterprise Plans

You've always been able to add additional organisations to your Calxa subscription but we're now providing larger packages for accounting practices, franchises and similar groups. You can purchase Calxa Premier with 50 organisations and 10 users for $500/month and there is also an option with 200 organisations and 20 users for $1,250/month. Additional users and organisations can be added to all subscriptions at $10/month per organisation or user.

Improved: Date Selection Controls in Reports

One of the most powerful and flexible features in Calxa is Report Bundles but with this power and flexibility comes many date selection options on your reports. We’ve redesigned the date selection control to make it easier to use, with help text available for the new user and a clean experience for the power user. We’ve also written this handy little help article to help you understand Date Selection in Calxa.

Fix: Drag and Drop Re-Ordering of Bundle Items

In our previous release we added drag and drop functionality to the bundle screen so you could easily re-order the items in your Report Bundle. In that release the mouse hover state did not correctly identify the drag and drop behaviour by changing the mouse arrow icon to a hand. Now the mouse arrow changes to a drag and drop hand to more clearly identify the behaviour.

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