Change Log 02-06-2018
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Budget Export and Import plus consolidated budget source

We continue to beef up the budgeting functionality with Export and Import now supported online plus the new consolidated budget setting replaces the old desktop report criteria option.

New: Budget Export & Import

We’ve always had good feedback on our budget import feature in the desktop app but we’ve taken this many steps further in the browser. You can now import any date range as you’re no longer restricted to a financial year. We’ve added optional columns to overcome cases for QuickBooks users where account or business units are not unique named and lastly, we’ve worked hard to ensure success even with tens of thousands of rows. Check out the help article for step by step instructions - Export and Import Budgets.

New: Consolidated Organisation Budget

Many people budget at the business unit (job, project, department) level and roll these budgets up to the organisation level. In the Calxa desktop application this was achieved at the reporting stage by choosing to consolidate projects or departments then. We’ve improved that process now and moved the choice to where it belongs – in the organisation budget. Make the choice once and it will flow through to all your reports and dashboards. More details here – Consolidated Organisation Budget.

New: Sync Error Notifications

When syncing an organisation with your accounting data this process runs in the background. This means you’re free to close the app or browse away to another page. Up until now however we haven’t really had the mechanism to notify you about errors that may occur in this background process. So, a failed organisation sync could go unnoticed. To overcome this, we’re introducing notifications. Click the notification bell in the upper right corner of the app to see when your updates have completed or get details if an error has occurred. For now the notifications will only relate to Organisation Sync but we’ll add more to this in time, like workflow progress for example.

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