Change Log 27-07-2018
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Improved resources for the ATO-Sponsored Cash Flow Coaching Kit, improved display of consolidated budget values and a number of user interface fixes.

Improved: ATO-Sponsored Cash Flow Coaching Kit

Put simply, we've made these supplementary resources easier to use by adding some explanatory text highlighting what's included with a step by step guide on how to use the kit.

Improved: Display of Consolidated Budget values

In the Budgets & Actuals screen we recently added the Organisation Budget (Consolidation Setting). What we omitted in the initial release of this was displaying the resulting consolidated values in this screen. The setting was only applied to reporting, however we always intended to display the values in the Organisation budget view as well. That is now the case, so you can easily edit some Business Unit budgets and switch to the Organisation level view to reconcile the overall budget.

Fix: User Interface Issues Related to Locked Budgets

There were a number of screens where locking a Budget version for a particular year was not handled correctly in the user interface. For example, the Budget & Actuals screen made all budget versions read only instead of only the ones that were marked as locked. Additionally, the Budget Factory allowed users to progress even when all destination years were locked. The factory would fail at the building stage in any case, but we've improved the experience here by displaying a message advising all years are locked. Progress beyond the destination step is also stopped when years are locked.

Fix: UI Issues in Safari on Mac OS

When running the Budget Factory in Safari on Mac OS, the initial step showed the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Metrics options in such a way that only Profit and Loss was easily visible. This has been fixed and now displays as per all other supported browsers.

Fix: Accepting User Invitation

When new users are invited to Calxa Online they are sent an email invitation with a link to accept this invitation and register their login details. This registration link was not working but the issue is now resolved.

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