Change Log 02-08-2018
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Account Trees are now editable online and the Report Designer gets some very useful improvements.

New: Account Trees

Account Trees allow you to flexibly arrange your chart of accounts for reporting. You can re-group and re-order for different reporting purposes or audiences all while maintaining the integrity of your reports. Check out our help note for more details - Account Trees.

Improved: Report Designer (snap-to guide lines)

A couple of weeks ago we released the first version of the online report designer. One feature that was missing when compared to our desktop equivalent was the ability to resize columns and cells with vertical snap-to guides. Snap-to guides lines are now provided in the web browser report designer as well. This ensures all your tables, columns and cells line up throughout the report design and becomes important if you're adding new columns or doing some significant restructuring.

Improved: Add Organisation Flow

We've added an extra step to the Add Organisation flow. The new step "Set Preferences" helps set basic financial settings for Cashflow Forecast reports and optionally configures an automated workflow to send you a bundle of reports each month.

Fix: Not Supported Files when Importing Budgets

You can import budgets using CSV or XLSX files however the import process did not validate the chosen file and processing with a not supported file type could cause unexpected errors. Now when you select a file for importing the file type is validated and a message shown advising the file format is not supported and what file types are supported.

Fix: Dashboard Reports with Consolidated Budget Source

A recent option to set your Organisation or Overall budget as the consolidation of business units was not correctly applied to the dashboard reports. This has been fixed and the Dashboard now correctly uses the consolidated values when this setting is chosen in the Budgets & Actuals screen.

Fix: Sorting During Connection to MYOB

When connecting to MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Essentials the list of available companies was not sorted in any particular order. While this wasn't a big problem for most users with one or two companies to choose from, it did cause frustration for users with large numbers of MYOB companies. This list is now sorted alphabetically and makes finding a particular name in a long list much easier.

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