Change Log 18-09-2018
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Support added for Internet Explorer plus other maintenance changes and fixes.

New: Minimum System Requirements now includes IE11

Prior to this release Internet Explorer was not on our supported browsers list. We've now added basic support for Internet Explorer 11. For the best possible experience on Windows machines we still recommend the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers. See Supported Browsers for more details.

Improved: Reconnect to QuickBooks

Calxa will now check if your long term access token to QuickBooks is still valid. When the token is valid you will see the SYNC button, and if it is not valid you will see a Connect to QuickBooks button. A token can become invalid for a number of reasons, such as being revoked from within QuickBooks or by adding another connection between this company and Calxa. For help refer to the help article on - Reconnect a QuickBooks Online Organisation.

Fix: Cumulative Actuals to Budget Chart

The variant of this chart "with Labels" did not correctly add labels. This has been fixed and you can now add labels by selecting the "with Labels" template variation.

Fix: Dashboard with Deleted Organisation

Under the circumstance where an organisation was deleted, it could cause an error when later opening the dashboard menu. This has been fixed.

Fix: MYOB Categories Import

The import logic for MYOB AccountRight Categories incorrectly synchronised a maximum of 400 Categories. This has been fixed with no upper limit being applied. All categories, no matter how many you have, will now be synchronised.

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