Change Log 09-10-2018
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Multi-account drag and drop for Account Trees and workspace user permissions now applied in the browser app.

Improved: Drag and Drop Multiple Accounts

When editing Account Trees you can now select multiple accounts and drag all selected accounts into location together. To select multiple accounts hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and select each account with a mouse click, then drag and drop on the appropriate header account to re-position all accounts at the same time. Check our help article for editing Account Trees.

Improved: Restricted Access for Workspace Users

When inviting a Workspace user you can set permissions that restricts access to certain features or provide reporting and editing permissions only to certain business units. See Set User Permissions for help with applying these permissions.

Improved: Report Template Styles & Text Wrapping

Calxa Online has 120 individual report templates and the ability to customise them further. Now that they're being used with real world data we're seeing some style issues like numbers wrapping and minor inconsistencies in style. We've started a project to review all default templates fixing these style inconsistencies, wrapping issues and also providing a concept of cascading styles. Cascading styles means you can now edit a report template in our Custom Report Designer and simply customise the styles to make broad sweeping changes to the overall look at feel including colours, fonts, borders etc. See Customise Reports for help with the Report Designer.


Templates Reviewed this Release

  • Actual & Budget (12 months)

    • 6 Months

    • 4 Quarters

    • 5 years

  • Trial Balance

    • with Month & YTD

  • P&L Statement

  • P&L with Variance vs Last Year

    • with Last Year

  • Balance Sheet with Projected Total vs Budget (12 Months)

Overall Progress

  • 10 / 120

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