Change Log 06-11-2018
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Improved multi-account drag and drop and custom cashflow schedules.

New: Custom Cashflow Schedules

Cashflow Schedules are used in Calxa settings to help forecast payments where values are accrued monthly, but paid later on a recurring schedule. In most cases the default schedules cover your needs but occasionally a custom schedule may be required. These can now be created in the browser application. See the help article on Cashflow settings for more details.

Improved: Account Tree Drag and Drop

Recently we improved Account Tree editing in such a way that you could use the Ctrl key to select and then drag multiple accounts. We've extended on this and provided the ability to select a range of accounts by holding the Shift key on your keyboard and selecting the first and last account in a range. Then the full range of selected accounts can be dragged and dropped on a new location. See the help article on - Account Trees.

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