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Change Log 04-12-2018
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Copy Account Trees from another organisation plus annual security review and other minor improvements.

New: Copy Account Tree

In this release we introduce the ability to copy an account tree with all it's header accounts from another company in your workspace. Using this allows you to create common account trees for consistent reporting or better account merging when consolidating multiple organisations. See the help article for details - Account Trees.

Currently this is set to a 'Copy from' flow, you will need to be in the organisation where you want to add the new account tree. In the future we will progress to a 'Copy to' flow, which will allow you to copy to multiple organisations in one process.

Improved: Application Security

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping your data safe we regularly review our systems and processes to look for gaps and inconsistencies. In the past few weeks we've had an external security review of our online app and while no serious issues were detected there were a number of low-risk improvements suggested. We’ve implemented and tested those over the past couple of weeks and rolled the changes out to our production environment in this release. Unless you’re a hacker you won’t notice anything different. If you are a hacker, you’ll find your job a bit harder now so please go elsewhere…

Improved: Account Analysis on Balance Sheet accounts

The Account Analysis report is often used as a troubleshooting tool. For example to identify which business unit has budgets on a particular account. Previously, this report had only worked on P&L accounts but now also allows the selection of Balance Sheet accounts.

Fix: User Profile changes not being saved

Some address fields on user profiles were not being saved when updated. This was caused by an issue with syncing these changes to our billing system, which has now been resolved.

Note: Change to Desktop Accounting Software Support

To stay in front of our industry, we started transitioning Calxa to an online platform more than three years ago. We’ve found that the vast majority of our new customers now use online software (including hybrid systems like MYOB AccountRight Live). So, it’s no surprise that we have had to change how we support locally-stored accounting data.

The changes will be implemented in a stepped way:

  1. From 1 December 2018 we will stop offering Calxa to new customers using locally-stored accounting data.

  2. For our existing customers using accounting software with local data, you will need to make some choices before 1 January 2020.

For full details please see our blog.

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