Change Log 12-12-2018
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Introducing the Metrics actuals and budgets editor, which is the first key step towards custom KPIs in our browser app.

New: Metrics

When Calxa connects to your accounting system we capture financial data around your chart of accounts and business unit structure. Metrics extends on this, allowing you to capture additional non-financial information which you can then use in KPIs to expand on your budgeting and reporting capabilities. In the Budgets & Actuals menu, you will now find the new Metrics/Month view where you can create new Metrics and edit your existing ones. Check out the help article to get started with Metrics.

New: Bulk Subscriptions Layout

If you manage more than 4 Calxa subscriptions you'll notice the Subscription menu under Billing has a new layout. This layout only applies if you have 4 or more subscriptions. The design is more compact to enable greater visibility of all your subscriptions and also includes some great sorting and filtering options.

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