Change Log 2019-02-19
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NDIA Bulk Claims now in the browser app with improved filtering plus an easier way to setup cashflow reporting.

New: NDIA Bulk Claims

The NDIA Bulk Claims feature for MYOB AccountRight integration is now available in the browser app. This eliminates the manual handling required to lodge invoices with the NDIA Portal by automatically generating the required CSV file directly from the linked MYOB Time Billing invoices. Also based off customer feedback from the desktop version of this feature we've been able to introduce a swag of improvements to the process. Most notably is improved invoice filtering and searching option. To find out how you can save time review the help article - Enable NDIA Bulk Claims.

Improved: Cashflow Settings

We've now split Cashlow settings into a simple and advanced view, by taking the Creditor and Debtor Days override options from the desktop and making it the default and simplest configuration for Cashflow reporting. The default view provides options to manage the average Creditor and Debtor payment profiles at a high level. These settings are both easy to use and understand and for many this is all that will be required. For those with more complex requirements it's a simple toggle to switch to the advanced view. See the Cashflow (Basic Settings) help article for full details.

Improved: KPI Variances - Higher or Lower is Better

Since some KPIs are better with a higher number and some are better with a lower number we recently added a Higher or Lower is Better property to the KPI builder. In this release we're now applying this logic to variances in Calxa reports. So when you have a KPI variance in Calxa reports a favourable number is considered 'positive ' and an unfavourable number is considered 'negative' and therefore displayed in red.

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