Change Log 2019-04-16
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QuickBooks budget sync plus additional improvements.

New: Budget Sync for QuickBooks

Calxa budgeting tools make it easier to manage budgets directly in Calxa but sometimes you already have data in your accounting system and you need to get that into Calxa. In a previous update we added the ability to synchronise your budgets from Xero and AccountRight organisations. We've now extended this to QuickBooks organisations as well. This feature creates a special synchronised budget in Calxa that updates from QuickBooks each time you perform the normal sync action. This budget version can be copied for further editing or used as the source data in Budget Factory calculations.

Improved: Forecast Reporting in Past Periods

Previously forecast reports could not be run retrospectively. We have updated this behaviour to give you more flexible reporting and now when you run a forecast report retrospectively we simply adjust the Last Actuals period to pass opening balances for the start of the report and use budgets to forecast from that point.

Improved: Business Unit Terminology

You can now update the terminology used by Calxa for each of your business units. For example you might refer to MYOB Jobs or QuickBooks Classes as services, departments or regions and you now can reflect this terminology in Calxa. See the General Settings help article for more details.

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