Change Log 2019-05-02
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Introducing all new Published Reports feature, 3-Way Forecast bundle kit and Tax Flow Forecast report.

New: Published Reports

Published Reports let you save a report with all of its data at a point in time. Meaning you can go back, within Calxa, to see what was on a particular report when you published it. Create folders to organise and you can publish Reports or full Bundles. Later view the full report preview in it's original format or download a PDF. For more details see the help article - Publish your Reports.

New: Tax Flow Forecast Report

Tax liabilities such as GST/VAT or Income Tax Instalments plus Superannuation or Pension Fund payments can take large sums of cash our of your business each month or quarter. This new report forecasts all these payments into one handy snapshot so you can see at a glance what you have to pay.

New: 3-Way Forecast Bundle Kit

A 3-Way Forecast combines a Profit & Loss Forecast, Balance Sheet Forecast and Cashflow Forecast. To save you time we've created the 3-Way Forecast bundle kit which combines all 3 reports forecasting the next 12 months plus a handy step by step guide to preparing an accurate forecast.

Fix: Missing Organisations During Sync

We've removed a visual bug where organisations disappear while syncing with your accounting system. You'll now see a full page animation showing your organisation is syncing.

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