Change Log 2019-10-17
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Account Trees have had a major upgrade providing even greater flexibility in reporting. We've also added more options for balance sheet actual v budget reporting.

New: Account Trees Major Upgrade

Account Trees have received a major upgrade and now provide even greater flexibility to your reporting. New features include custom categories (Income,Expense,etc), hidden categories, custom running totals (profit rows), summary only header accounts and no restrictions on account mapping so assets can be moved to liabilities or between P&L and Balance Sheet. Check out our blog with 7 ways to use the new features of Account Trees or the help article Create an Account Tree to get started.

Improved: Actual v Budget on Balance Sheet Movement

We've added Balance Sheet accounts as an optional inclusion for many of our Actual v Budget report templates. These are the templates that include multiple comparisons based on a Financial year like Month and YTD or End of Year Forecast. All the templates in this group now support P&L & Balance Sheet movement comparisons with closing balance templates coming soon.

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