Change Log 2020-01-21
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Introducing a new and improved help widget plus we've now officially disconnected Calxa Desktop from our online services.

New: Desktop Disconnected from Online Services

As per our previous email notifications and blog posts, we've been planning to disconnect the desktop application from our online services from January 2020. As of this update this is officially the case and the desktop application can no longer authenticate to online. Instead you will receive an error message advising, "Calxa Desktop no longer connects to Online. Please use the Browser application instead. Sign in at".

See our previous blog post Disconnecting Calxa Desktop for more details and if you're still using the desktop app, how this effects you.

New: Help Widget

Click Help Me in the bottom right corner to search and access all our help documentation. If that doesn't help open a support case directly in the form. There are some nice improvements over the previous widget. You can now view the article in the widget without browsing away from the app and we will auto-populate your contact details if you do want to open a support ticket.

Improved: Express Now Supports 2 Budget Version Reports

Previously to run 2 budget version reports required a Premier subscription but we've now dropped this requirement and 2 budget versions reports can be accessed on all subscriptions, including Express.

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