Change Log 2020-02-28
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Improved reporting for large number of business units or multiple organisation comparisons and consolidations.

New: 100 Column Comparison Reports

The Business Unit Comparison and Balance Sheet Multi-Org Comparison reports now have a 100 column variant allowing for a much greater number of business units or consolidations. Due to page and printing restrictions we previously only provided 24 column variants on an A3 page. With a demand for more columns we've created these new templates on a custom page size, meaning their purpose is for displaying on screen or exporting to PDF and Excel formats but not for printing.

Improved: Removed Auto-Consolidate on Business Units

Previously when you selected more then 100 business units in your reporting selection on a paged report (where page breaks are inserted between business units) Calxa would automatically consolidate the selection. Originally this was put in place due to performance limitations but we've made performance improvements and removed this restriction.

Improved: Budget Analysis Templates

A number of the Budget Analysis Templates with % variants had issues with extra rows and merged cells when exporting to Excel. These templates have been fixed and export issues resolved.

Improved: Date Range Options for Budget Features

It was identified that the Budgets & Actuals, Budget Factory and Export budget screens all had different restrictions on date ranges and in some cases the 10th year could not be accessed. There is actually no reason you can't budget more then 10 years in Calxa so we've made all budget areas allow access up to 20 years in advance.

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