Change Log 2020-03-18
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New: Multi-Org Consolidation for all Reports & Charts

While most of the Calxa reports and charts have always supported consolidating multiple organisations, there has been a subset that did not. The following Reports & Charts have now been added to support consolidating multiple organisations.

  • KPI Analysis Bar Chart (12 Months)
    (12 Months) with Data Grid

  • KPI Analysis Line Chart (12 Months)
    (12 Months) with Data Grid

  • KPI Comparison Line Chart
    with Data Grid

  • Breakeven Analysis Chart

  • Where Did Our Money Go? Chart

  • Account Breakdown Pie Chart
    with Labels

  • Accounts by Business Unit Pie Chart
    with Labels

Improved: Budget Factory Supports 1 Decimal Place

In the Budget Factory you can now apply a percentage change with up to 1 decimal place in the change amount. For example increase Income by 2.5% where previously you could only apply whole numbers like 2% or 3%.

Fix: Loading Metric Actuals

Previously when changing to the Metrics layout in the Budgets & Actuals menu the Budget or Actuals selector would reset to the main budget. This meant you could not switch between Metrics and Accounts in the Actuals layout but instead had to select Actuals again. This issue has been resolved.

Fix: Business Units Select All when Inactive Hidden

An issue was identified where Inactive Business Units were being selected by the Select All action even when Inactive were hidden. This has been resolved and now the Select All option only selects all that is visible in the current view.

Fix: Safari Browser on iPad

Users accessing Calxa Online using Safari version 13 or higher on an iPad were getting "Your Browser Not Supported" message. This has now been resolved.

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