Change Log 2020-04-03
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All reports & charts now support multi-org consolidations.

New: Multi-Org Consolidation for all Reports & Charts

In our last update we added multi-org support to a number of charts and reports. In this release we finish up this project adding multi-org support to the following Reports & Charts.

  • Account Trends Stacked Bar Chart

    • With Labels

  • Accounts Analysis Bar Chart (12 Months)

    • With Labels

  • Accounts Analysis Line Chart (12 Months)

  • Accounts Analysis Bar Chart (Multi-Period)

  • Accounts Analysis Line Chart (Multi-Period)

Fix: Formatting Issues on Some Report Templates

The P&L vs Last Year Actual/Forecast (12 Months) and P&L vs Last Year Budget (12 Months) both had formatting issues with positive numbers being displayed as red. Additionally under certain circumstances the Budget Analysis with % variance report hid the business unit headings from the resulting report. These issues have been resolved.

Fix: Subscribe after Cancellation

A problem was identified in the billing area that caused issues for customers wishing to resubscribe. This issue has been fixed.

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