Change Log 2020-05-12
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New improved menu structure reflecting the way most people use Calxa and making navigation more intuitive.

New: Main Menu Structure

We have listened to your feedback and understand that the old menu didn't make it easy to find some features. This made it hard for new users. So, we've taken this feedback and done a complete makeover of the main menu. The feedback we've received on the new menu makeover has been very positive, so we're going live for all customers today.

The video below provides a overview of the changes. So while there may never be a good time to change the menu of an application this short video will help you find where we've moved your favourite feature.

Fix: Report Template Formatting

The Actual & Full Year Forecast vs Budget template in some cases incorrectly formatted the Full Year Budget and Forecast columns with red text when the numbers were not negative.

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