Change Log 2020-10-20
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Improved security with 2-Step Verification and more authentication options to come.

New: 2-Step Verification on Sign In

2-Step verification adds an extra level of protection to your account. When you next sign in, you will need access to the email address you sign in with. We'll send an email to verify the person signing in is really you. You'll optionally be able to trust each device for 30 days so we won't keep asking you to verify every time.

More authentication options are coming

We know the current 30 minute session timeout could be handled better and while 2-Step verification is currently limited to your primary sign in email address we'll be adding the following authentication improvements, additional 2-Factor methods and Sign In options. These will be rolled out in order over the coming weeks.

  1. Better handling of 30 minute session timeout with a banner message to keep session active

  2. Sign in with your Xero account

  3. Sign in with your Google account

  4. Sign in with your Microsoft account

  5. Sign in with your QuickBooks account

  6. 2-Step verification with SMS

  7. 2-Step verification with Authenticator app

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