Change Log 2020-11-10
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2-Step verification with SMS now available plus new copy organisation feature.

New: SMS Option for 2-Step Verification

To continue our authentication improvements, we have now added SMS as a 2-Step verification method. Once setup you will have the option to verify by either email or SMS. Check out the 2-Step verification help article to get setup.

New: Copy Organisation

You've now got the ability to copy your Calxa organisation, either to a different workspace or as a duplicate in the same workspace. Users with manual or unplugged organisations will find this useful for adding new organisations with a similar structure or you may find it useful as an admin tool to manage multiple workspaces or backup your organisation before a big change. See Copy an Organisation for more details.

Improved: Navigation to Admin Portal

It is now easier to add organisations and users with new Manage Users and Manage Organisations navigation in the Billing & Admin menu. Manage Organisations can also be found in the Report Tools menu, in addition to this greater visibility and clarity these new options route directly to the subscription you are currently working in.

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