Change Log 2020-01-21
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Sign in with Xero or Intuit plus improved importing for actual and budget amounts.

New: Sign In Providers

You can now authenticate to Calxa using your Xero or Intuit logins. Follow the Sign In with Xero or Intuit buttons to bypass the Calxa sign in process including 2-Step verification, instead following the Xero or Intuit 2-Step processes.

New: 2-Step Authenticator App

You can now add the Google or Microsoft Authenticator App as a 2-Step verification method, meaning we now provide Auth App , SMS or Email as verification methods. See the 2-Step Verification help article for more details.

Improved: Budget & Actual Imports

We've improved the Budget & Actual import process, providing a field mapping step, to give more flexibility for your import spreadsheets. Mapping the fields from your spreadsheet means you can now import directly from different layouts, including values you may have exported from external systems like Xero, without needing to manipulate before importing to Calxa. Check out how to Export and Import Budgets.

Improved: Budgets & Actuals Vertical Scrollbar

Users had reported difficulty when using the vertical scrollbar in the Budgets & Actuals menu. Clicking and dragging could be difficult as it overlapped with the budget cells and the scrollbar was also too narrow. To improve the usability of this control, we've made the bar wider and the scrollbar takes focus over the budget cell where previously the cell would take focus over the bar.

Improved: Chart of Accounts Menu

For Unplugged organisations where you manage your Chart of Accounts in Calxa, we've made a few small improvements. Now when changing an Account Type we'll also reset the Cashflow Type associated with this account. Previously this caused unexpected results in forecast reports. We've also fixed an issue where adding accounts while editing existing would cause your previous edits to be lost.

Fix: Account Analysis Chart Criteria in Bundle

We've fixed an issue where configuring the criteria from a Bundle with the Account Analysis Chart did not open with the saved criteria but with some defaults. This meant each time you configured the report you needed to apply all changes rather then just the single edit you required.

Fix: Loading Bundle List

Sometimes when copying a the content from Word into a Calxa Bundle Document it could cause issues with loading the Bundle list after saving. This issue has been resolved.

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