Change Log 2021-03-16
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Edit budgets by summary total rows and new budget planning reports.

New: Edit Budgets by Total Rows

This new feature allows you to collapse the detail rows in the Budgets & Actuals menu and edit the total or summary row. The figures are apportioned to the detail account rows based on the existing budget data. Combining this with the existing ability to edit the views total columns amount you can now quickly and easily edit entire account categories or header values by entering a single value. See Edit Budgets for more details.

New: Budget Planning Reports

We're introducing a couple of new reports designed to help you with preparing next years budget. These two reports allow your to compare your annual budget with the prior years actuals or the prior years budgets. In addition the prior year actuals can be calculated as forecast, meaning actuals plus remaining budgets if you don't have a full year of actuals yet. Check out the following 2 new reports.

  1. Budget vs Last Year Actual

  2. Budget vs Last Year Budget

Improved: New Account Tree

Now when you create a new Account Tree we'll create the default category structure for you. Previously you started with an empty structure which makes it hard to get started. Now you will start with default categories like Income, Cost of Sales, Expense through to Equity but you can change them if you like. We've also made a small change by swapping the Add Header and Add Categories buttons. Since adding headers will generally the most common action it makes sense to have this option first.

Fix: Budgets & Actuals with no P&L Accounts

An issues was found where the Budgets & Actuals menu would not load if an organisation did not contain at least one P&L account. This has now been fixed and P&L accounts are no longer required.

Fix: Edit Bundle Document (with Xero login)

We've resolved an issue where users who signed in with Xero credentials, reported an authentication error when attempting to edit a bundle document.

Fix: Account Tree Order on Budgets & Actuals

In some cases the new Account Tree layout option on the Budgets & Actuals menu did not display the account categories in the correct number order. In all cases the accounts are now grouped by P&L followed by Balance Sheet and then ordered by account number within those groups.

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